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clips4sale-Greedy for money

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Mayla is talking on the phone, she is the financial manager of an influential company. She is a good specialist who does her job well. However, over the past few years, she has stolen a decent amount of money into her personal account. Eleonore is a professional hitwoman and she is already following the financier.

Mayla is speaking about the money she stole, while Eleonore quietly moves to her with her leather-covered hands. Mayla ends the conversation and put down the phone, at this moment Eleonore unexpectedly attacks from behind - throws a rope around Mayla’s neck and begins to smother. Eleonore leaning against the victim’s cheek and whispers :“i want your money, bitch!”. Hitwoman still rigidly stretches the rope’s both ends and continues to smother with pleasure, then she grabs the victim's throat with both hands and knocks her to the floor, sitting on top of her body.

Mayla tries to beat hitwoman’s hands, but the grip does not weaken. To intensify the suffering, hitwoman begins to press on the victim’s throat with one hand and the second takes both ends of the rope in one hand and wraps it around her gloved fist like a leash, continues to smother. Soon victim begins to lose consciousness an closes eyes. Checking the victims’s pulse with finger, the hitwoman gets up and decides to finish with Mayla later.   

Scene 2

Sitting at the table, Eleonore begins to enthusiastically search for financial information on the computer. In the meantime, Mayla regains consciousness - she is angry and not going to give up! The girl puts on short leather gloves, pulls them tight, then takes the cord and sharply throws it around the neck of her intruder. The unsuspecting Eleonore is caught by surprise. With a tough effort, she smothers the hitwoman, but she tries to pull back the rope that squeezed her throat. And she succeeds. Now Eleonore slaps victim’s face and begins to chase her with threats.

Scene 3

Eleonore attacks from behind: she closes her mouth with one gloved hand, and the second wraps her torso and doesn't let loose. Pressed to table victim tries to break away, but Eleonore leans against victim’s cheek and orders that bitch not to scream. After that she takes out big plastic bag and puts it on Mayla’s head.

The victim's hands are trying to uselessly run over the plastic that pulled the face. But the evil hitwoman only tightens the bag more tightly without giving the victim a single chance - her lips and tongue desperately swallow the disappearing air. After a while Mayla again loses consciousness.

Scene 4

Eleonore returns to victim’s notebook, takes off her mask and jacket, kneads her gloved hands and starts looking again for information on notebook. Suddenly, Mayla attacks again and says that she will not give money to anyone. It all belongs to her.

Mayla with an evil face and madness begins to smother intruder with plastic cling film. Eleonore finds it difficult to breathe and she is already tired of the confrontation with Mayla, but She counter attack Mayla and takes her by the hair and then with force puts her on a chair, sitting on top of her - start hard chocking.

Scene 5:

Mayla is also already weakened and does not offer proper resistance, so Eleonore takes the situation under control without any problems. She gets up from the sitting Mayla and takes a small transparent plastic bag.

Begins hard bagging. Victim face is deformed under transparent plastic, her eyes are full of fear, she is trying to screech and greedy swallow the remaining air, like a fish thrown ashore. The lips are pulled together by plastic, and the tongue tries to break this bag to no avail.. Leather on her gloves almost bursts with tension and it is not clear what is tightened - gloves on the hitwoman’s hands or a bag on the victim’s head.

From this bagging Eleonore gets full range of emotions: rolls her eyes, bites and licks her lip and sticks out her tongue.

As if having reached orgasm, Eleonore says the last long “yes” and Mayla opens her mouth wide, sucks plastic deeply and gasps. Hitwoman kisses the finally finisch victim on the cheek and leaves!


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